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PC School Board candidate vows to end High School Sex Clubs…

Apparently high school in Oklahoma is a lot more fun than it used to be!

Well, at least it is according to Lori Tuggle.

Lori – a hard-core right-wing extremist – is running for the Putnam City School Board in next week’s election. Naturally, she is friends with school porn expert Ryan Walters on Facebook...

Just like Ryan, Lori’s running on the typical mainstream conservative issues of the day, like banning CRT, fighting teacher’s unions, and outlawing high school sex clubs, something that I bet most people who were virgins in high school wished existed back in their day.

Check out this Facebook post:

First of all, as a proud graduate of PC West, let me express my outrage that my alma mater still hasn’t launched its own sex club! What in the name of OJ is up with that?! We can’t let North and Original pass us by in the-all important Oklahoma teen pregnancy demographic! Virgin Patriots need to get laid, too!

Second, if Lori had children, she "would not put them in a public school???" That's good to know. I think I speak for every sane, rational person when I say that’s exactly the type of person we should put in charge of running a public school district.

A curious Ogle Mole sent Lori an email to get more information on these high school sex clubs, and – sadly – it looks like they’re not as fun as she makes them out to be.

Check this out:

Yep, bad news, virginal PC North and PC Original students. It looks like you’re going to have to get laid the old-fashioned way – by hanging out with students from Bethany, Deer Creek and Piedmont!

Seriously, though, what a fucking fruit cake.

She’s equating LGBTQ-oriented organizations as clubs students join based on "who its members want to have sex with." Is she getting these clubs confused with Youth and Government, and DECA?

I hate to break it to Lori, but I think they’re forming Gay/Straight Alliances and Spectrum Clubs to support each other and oppose homophobic people like you, and, like any other high school club, to meet people to have sex with.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about Lori and her extreme, anti-public education views that are sadly pretty mainstream in Oklahoma, you can check out her website which features heavy use of a Comic Sans ripoff font.

You can also watch her in an interview with former State Senator Jake Merrick – a guy who sucked so bad at his job that he was primaried by Republicans after two years.

If you can get past her warped views, Jake’s awful interviewing skills, and the fact that he sounds like a higher-pitched version of the Looney Tune’s Abominable Snowman, it’s not a bad listen.

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