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Report: Ryan Walters doesn’t like seat belts

10:44 AM EDT on March 27, 2023

It looks like somebody got an F in Driver’s Ed.

On Friday night, Ryan Walters shared one of his patented car video rants while cruising down an Oklahoma highway.

This time around, he provided an update on two rules he and the State School Board passed to address the manufactured straw man issues they’re using to rally conservative nutjobs and distract everyone as they, along with Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma legislature, quickly implement a radical right-wing public school privatization plan.  

The rules address real-life, totally important issues facing Oklahoma students, parents, and educators, like radical left-wing teacher unions pushing porn in schools, and students changing pronouns and planning gender reassignment surgeries behind their parent’s backs.

Well, at least that’s what I think Ryan was talking about. It was honestly more focused on the dufus not wearing a seatbelt than his moronic words. 

Question – is it wrong to watch the video and root for the SUV to crash, or at least violently swerve to avoid a pothole? I’m asking for a friend… and about 40,000 Oklahoma public school teachers. 

Seriously, could this guy be a bigger a chode? Is that even possible?

First of all, requiring teachers to monitor and report their students' pronoun usage is creepy and bizarre. I’m old-fashioned and everything, but shouldn’t teachers be focused on actually teaching?

Second, the graphic sex ed book Ryan is using as an excuse to cry “KeEp PoRn OuT oF sChOoLs” isn’t even available at the library. I bet the real reason he passed the rule is to keep my new line of Ryan Walters erotic fan fiction out of Oklahoma public school libraries:

These are currently just concept pieces, but I should have the first drafts submitted to my publisher by next week.  

For what it’s worth, the “rules” that Ryan and his public school saboteurs passed to address imaginary issues they made up in order to rally their base, fire up their detractors, and earn attention, clicks and headlines still have to be approved by Governor Stitt and the legislature. 

Since they also like to address imaginary things that don’t exist, I’m sure that will happen. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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