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OKC Police Captain Unsuccessfully Gets Out of DUI…

1:38 PM EDT on March 20, 2023

On Thursday afternoon, while I was ironically drinking a Glenmorangie and smoking a cigar with one of Oklahoma City’s premier DUI Attorneys, OKCPD released body cam footage of the DUI arrest of Captain James “Matt” French.

He was arrested a few weeks ago on S. May Ave. after OKCPD Sergeant Chris Skinner spotted the Captain’s vehicle swerving across multiple lanes of traffic. 

The body cam footage is pretty funny to watch in a “Hey, let’s watch this drunk cop make a fool out of himself and totally get what he deserves" type of way, which probably explains why the footage has gone national.

Check this out:

I don’t have sympathy for drunk drivers, but you do have to feel a tad sorry for Captain French in this situation. 

Out of all the cops out on patrol that evening, he happens to get pulled over by one of the two or three on the force who isn’t motivated and unethical enough to get a free push up the advancement ladder and let him off with a warning.

Seriously, poor Frenchie! Outside of running a red light and killing an innocent person, that’s the most unlucky thing that could have happened to him that night!

Okay, I’m joking around. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. In fact, I hope the drunk ass lost all his money in the poker game, too. 

Seriously, what’s more embarrassing? The fact that he was so drunk and got his “Do you know who am I?” routine rejected in his face, or the fact that he couldn’t pull things together and act confident and sober to improve his chances of getting out of the ticket. 

Anyway, it’s cool to know that we have at least one highly ethical person on the OKCPD police force. Well, at least for now. You know the bad cops probably hate him, and will go out of their way to run him off the force.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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