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Dan Snyder leaving Channel 25. Is Kelly Ogle in the wings???

Yesterday afternoon, Dan Snyder – the dude who stands next to Wendy Suares during the Channel 25 evening news – announced that tonight will be his final broadcast on the OKC Fox affiliate. 

Just like every other TV personality in their 20s who leaves a fly-over market in the high turnover field of TV news, Snyder wrote an overly sentimental and fluffy note about his departure. He even mentioned the obligatgory and mythological Oklahoma Standard.

I have no clue why Dan is leaving. I assume he’s probably either going into Oil and Gas, PR, or hopping to another market where he can continue “his journey,” make new amazing friends, and then write about how it is the best place on earth before hopping to another new market. Wherever his career takes him, we wish Dan the best of luck. 

With those cordial formalities being out of the way, let’s talk about the reason you clicked – it opens the door for Kelly Ogle’s return to the Oklahoma City TV sets!!!!

Back when he was unceremoniously shown the door by KWTV 9 last year, we wrote about 7 possible landing spots for Kelly Ogle

No fracking lie, the top item on the list was the anchor desk at KOKH Fox 25. We even photoshopped a photo for it like NBA fans do when a player is traded to a new team:

1. KOKH Fox 25 Anchor

According to my memory research, Fox 25 – the longtime fourth wheel of the OKC broadcast news scene – has been an Ogleless news channel since they first started a newscast back in the 1990s. Even though Kelly's struggled at the anchor desk recently, this would be a splash hire and possibly give them a ratings boost.

If this really does happen, remember you heard it first in a satirical article on The Lost Ogle. If it doesn’t happen, well, there’s always Air Comfort Solutions:

Seriously, though, if they haven’t already, Channel 25 needs to get on the phone and talk to Kelly’s agent. 

Sure, the Old Bub hasn’t been the same since his ladder fall from a couple of years ago – he seems sleepy on the set and slurs his words – but that doesn’t really matter.

He’s a brand name and legendary news figure in the Oklahoma City market! As long as he can say “Good evening, I’m Kelly Ogle” and then let spicy hot news vixen Wendy Suares – the arch enemy of Carly Atchison –do the heavy word lifting, the station would quickly rise to ratings dominance. 

Seriously, who says “No?”

Kelly would love to stick it to News 9, and hopping over their old UHF rival would be a great way to do it. Plus, Channel 25 is owned by conservative-leaning Sinclair, so Kelly mumbling off his two-cents each night would align with their political ideology!

Anyway, I guess we’ll be watching the Ogle family retreat at Camp Latebreaking to see if white smoke blows from their chimney. Until then...

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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