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7 possible landing spots for Kelly Ogle…

As we first and only reported last week, Kelly Ogle signed off for the final time from the News 9 anchor desk on Thursday night.

As opposed to other high-profile departures in the Oklahoma City news scene, the event was handled with little fanfare, trumpeting or class from News 9. Instead of giving Kelly a cake, flowers or even airing a highlight reel of his reporting, breaking news coverage and two-cents philanthropy, they gave him about 30 seconds at the end of the night for a rushed, kind of bitter, and very final farewell.

You can view it below:

In all fairness, Kelly should kind of be grateful that News 9 gave him 30-seconds to say goodbye to viewers.

As Moles have told me, this hasn't been a "pretty" exit. There's some salt being thrown around, and I've heard that a disgruntled and emotional Kelly is ready to move on from News 9 when he's contractually free to do so. That probably explains why Kelly emphatically stated he's not retiring in the video, and that we'll see him soon.

Anyway, this got me thinking – Where will Kelly Ogle end up when his days at news 9 are finally done??? Here are some wild guesses...

1. KOKH Fox 25 Anchor

According to my memory research, Fox 25 – the longtime fourth wheel of the OKC broadcast news scene – has been an Ogleless news channel since they first started a newscast back in the 1990s. Even though Kelly's struggled at the anchor desk recently, this would be a splash hire and possibly give them a ratings boost.

2. Air Comfort Solutions

This would be a winning call for Kelly. Although he hasn't scored a touchdown at OU, I bet Air Comfort Solutions would bring him on board as a spokesman. They could even launch a My Two Cents promo where if you buy a new a/c unit for your home, you get a second one for only two cents!

3. The Sports Animal

Kelly's a big OSU and Thunder fan, so he'd bring something to the table in that department. Plus, he'd a be a good foil to Al Eschbach. Whenever Al talks about his vacation misadventures in areas known for sex tourism, Kelly can talk about how he got dizzy riding the merry-go-round in Branson. Let's just hope he doesn't urinate live on the air like Dean Blevins.

4. Ogle Bros Farms

I don't know if Kevin would be involved, but you know Kent would happily help his brother get involved in the Oklahoma green rush.

5. Paycom

Paycom is always hiring, so Kelly could join the team quickly. I'm not sure what he'd do outside of emceeing the Paycom prom, but that's okay because I'm not really sure what Paycom does either.

6. Discover Oklahoma

I think every former OKC news anchor is required to do a six-month stint on Discover Oklahoma before they're allowed to work anywhere else, so I imagine we'll probably see Kelly profiling a woman who makes and sells her own line of goat's milk soaps at a Bed and Breakfast in Oologah sometime in the future.

7. The Lost Ogle

The only drawback is that we'd have to change our name to The Found Ogle.


Anyway, those are just seven wild guesses. Share you're in the comments.

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