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Carly Atchison doesn’t understand how media works…

Although we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything and are very different people, one commonality we have with Governor Stitt’s communications she-troll Carly Atchison is that we both love to troll the local media.

That being said, we do so from very different perspectives and points of view. 

For example, Carly makes six-figures a year serving as an obnoxious media liaison and propagandist for the Governor. In this role, she treats the local press as a biased, flawed, and dishonest institution that deserves no respect or credibility.

Well, unless they push a right-wing narrative that aligns with her political idealogy. Then the media is great! 

We, on the other hand, make less than six-figures and use immature humor, satire, and non-award-winning reporting to expose and lampoon local media hypocrisy, vanity, and profit-driven conflicts of interest.

For cheap laughs, giggles and pageviews, we also occasionally scoop them on exclusive stories thanks to the Ogle Mole Network!

Either way, a troll is a troll and Carly is one of the best this state has seen. I was reminded of this yesterday when she fired off this trollish tweet:

Once again, I love to troll the media just as much as Carly does, but, isn’t this kind of how media works? One station reports something first, the other outlets sheepishly follow, and everyone meets their news quota for the day. Just like Carly piggybacking off one of her old field hockey teammates, it’s part of the game and happens all the time!

I’ll let Paul Monies explain:

After Paul fired off his tweet, Carly chased after him like he was a little billy goat crossing a bridge. It led to this Twitter reply spat:

Yep, the person whose entire job and career is built around omitting facts for the sole purpose of pushing a narrative (for the Governor) and getting as many clicks as possible (for the Governor), is criticizing the media for allegedly doing the same thing. How’s that for some projection? Not only is Carly a hell of troll, but she’s a damn fine hypocrite, too. 

Although I think this attempt to troll was a bit misguided and off the mark, I do agree with Carly on one thing – It does have to be humiliating when someone in the media has to email the Governor’s office questions that follow up on another outlet’s reporting, especially when that media outlet is The Lost Ogle!

I guess that explains why the local media now pretty much ignores our exclusive reports that they would eagerly chase after they were tipped off first. 

You know, juicy stories like the one where we reveal that her boss's son was using his dad’s name and influence to treat OSU like his personal parking lot, or the one about a NYSE-listed, S&P 500-tracked company that’s headquartered in Oklahoma making big changes to its policies that’s igniting an employee revolt

I know it has to be humiliating for the media to follow up on the stories about being scooped by a guy who works from home while day drinking, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Have some courage and shoot Carly an email! The worst thing that can happen is she simply refuses to do her job and provide the information you requested...

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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