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Lawmaker follows TLO’s satirical advice and files “Save Men’s Sports Act”

Back in October, after an awe-shucks story about two girls “saving the season” for the Wewoka Tigers football team went viral across the internet, I wrote a quick article asking “When’s Stitt going to sign the Save Men’s Sports Act?”

Well, I guess the answer could be "very soon!"

State Senator Shane Jett – a right-wing troll, cousin-lover, and certified moron who’s firmly ensconced at the Oklahoma capital – has introduced the “Save Men’s Sports Act.” 

Filed as “emergency” legislation, the bill will address the currently non-existent, 100% right-wing manufactured problem of women infiltrating manly sports in the spirit of yucky left-wing activism.


This week an Oklahoma lawmaker filed the “Save Men’s Sports Act.” 

Senate Bill 1007 states, “Athletic teams designated for ‘males’, ‘men’, or ‘boys’ shall not be open to students of the female sex.”

The measure comes about a year after Governor Kevin Stitt signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” into law, barring anyone born a male from competing on a women’s sports team. 

“Unfortunately, a lot of these sports events are being used as political activism, and it’s very disruptive to the classroom. It’s very disruptive to the sports program,” said State Sen. Shane Jett, R-Shawnee. “Keep your culture wars outside of the classroom.”

Before I write anything else, I want to apologize to our readers and the people of Oklahoma for apparently inspiring this legislation. When I write satirical jokes on this site, I don’t expect our right-wing lawmakers to actually try to make them a reality!

Moving forward, I’ll do my best to avoid this happening in the future.

Also, in an attempt to rectify the situation, I’d highly encourage Jett to check out this article from 2017 where I satirical asked when we’re going to get a "Punch a Lawmaker Day" at the Oklahoma Capitol. Make it happen, good sir!

Anyway, KFOR spoke to representatives with the ACLU and the Independent Council on Women’s Sports to get their reasoning for the legislation and why it’s a bad idea.

They also uncovered the real inspiration for the bill – Shane Jett’s obsession with the teenage genders.

“It singles out trans student athletes both at the high school and collegiate level,” said Cindy Nguyen, the policy director at the ACLU of Oklahoma. “Oklahomans have better things to worry about. If Senator Jett really wanted to address equity in sports, he would talk about funding resources, pay equity…”

Advocates for women’s sports think it’s unnecessary. 

 “We’ve never had men’s sports as a protected category because honestly, they don’t need it,” said Kim Jones, the co-founder of ICONS, or the Independent Council on Women’s Sports. “When a woman participates in a contact sport, she’s putting herself at risk and as long as she’s aware of the risk to those things, it’s a very different situation.”

According to the bill, before each school year the parent or legal guardian of a student who competes on a school athletic team will have to sign an affidavit acknowledging the biological sex of the student at birth. If the student is 18 years old or older, that student will have to fill out the affidavit. 

I actually read the bill and surprisingly it doesn’t include a clause that allows Shane Jett, and other Oklahoma elected officials, to personally inspect football players before each game to see if they are being honest about their gender declaration. 

Since I’ve now satirically suggested the idea – and knowing how creepily obsessed Shane Jett is with teenage body parts – I fully expect him to introduce it as an amendment in committee. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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