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How do we get a “Punch a Lawmaker Day” at the Oklahoma State Capitol?

I ask this question way too often, but I guess I'll ask it again:

"Why do we live here again?" 

Yesterday, 51 members of the Oklahoma House voted to sabotage the drug sentencing reform laws that Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved back in November. They did this because:

A) They're idiots.
B) They're gerrymandered ideological lawmakers who pander only to the theocratic, easy-to-dupe simpletons who voted them into office.

Here are the details via the now-snarky Tulsa World:

By the slimmest margin, the Oklahoma House of Representatives decided Thursday that voters might not have fully understood what they were doing when they passed a criminal justice referendum in November.

With 51 votes, the bare minimum needed, the members passed House Bill 1482, by Rep. Scott Biggs, R-Chickasha, which in its original form took a big hunk out of State Question 780, which reclassified many lesser drug and property felonies as misdemeanors.

The amended version approved Thursday limited itself to restoring the option of a felony charge for drug possession within 1,000 feet of a school.

Biggs and others said voters did not understand that they were eliminating “drug-free school zones” when they gave SQ 780 a large majority last fall. That, supporters of Thursday’s legislation said, was because SQ 780’s backers and the state Supreme Court had rejected then-Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s lengthy ballot title.

On a positive note, it's good to see Oklahoma politicians finally care about what happens in or around Oklahoma schools again! Now if only they were as vigilant about properly funding our classrooms as they are locking up bad guys who do drugs, maybe this state would become a semi-decent place to live.

Anyway, on behalf of the 60% of Oklahomans who voted "Yes" on State Questions 780 and 781, I have a simple message for the 51 lawmakers who voted for this bill:

Go fuck yourself.

Unlike you, not every Oklahoma voter is a simpleton idiot. We’re able to see through your blatant pandering for what it really is – exploiting children and schools so you can get your dick hard and tell the right wing religious nuts who voted you into office that you're "tough on crime."

We understand these provisions don't accomplish anything. They don't prevent drugs from being sold at or near schools. They just make it easier for overzealous district attorneys to tack on additional felony charges to drug crimes and send yet another person to an overcrowded Oklahoma prison, which at last check, is exactly what SQ 780 and 781 aim to prevent.

Seriously, you suck. I hope Dan Kirby's old chair gives you genital warts.

110,000 Oklahomans signed petitions to get SQ 780 and SQ 781 on the ballot. In November, 831,000 Oklahomans voted for them to become law. I know you guys specialize in fear mongering, but this takes things too far. If you don't respect the will of the people, what do you respect? I hope you slip on a banana peel, fall down a flight of stairs and get Tess Teague's engagement ring lodged in your ass. It's what you deserve.

Anyway, the bill still has to clear the Senate and be signed by Mary Fallin to become a law. If you don't want that to happen, I'd suggest giving them a call or writing them a letter. Just like our lawmakers in the house, I seriously doubt they care what voters think, but it's worth a shot.

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