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So, when’s Stitt going to sign the Save Men’s Sports Act?

The clock is ticking

2:36 PM EDT on October 3, 2022

A few weeks ago, a couple of badass girls from Wewoka High School received a few minutes of national fame and attention when they joined the struggling high school football team.

In case you missed it, the TL;DR is that the Wewoka Tigers didn't have enough players to field a football team for a Friday night home clash against the Mounds. As opposed to forfeiting, the school recruited a couple of girls' softball players – Natalie Davis and Callie Ramsey – to suit up.

Although Mounds laid a pound on the overmatched Tigers, Natalie was able to get on the field to punt, kick off, and even register a tackle – something that should catch the eye of OU head coach Brent Venables…

As you can see, the story went semi-viral on social media and got the attention of just about every media outlet in the state. The Oklahoman proclaimed the girls "Saved The Season" while KFOR took it a step farther and declared they "Saved Wewoka Friday Night Football." Dean Blevins didn't make such bold proclamations on News 9, but did promise to pay more attention to the team and try to score a locker room interview.

Even though the story got heavy play in the media and was about as feel-good as you can get, it was totally ignored by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, Secretary of Public Education Grifting Ryan Walters, and every Derplahoman lawmaker who loves to pander to the Friday night football crowd.

This act of ignorance is surprising, because just six months ago or so, Stitt and Co. eagerly worked together to pass and signed the Save Women's Sports Act – a pandering piece of legislation that "leveled the playing field for female athletes" by preventing biological boys from playing women's sports in Oklahoma schools, despite the fact that there hasn't been one documented case of that ever happening.

Seriously, what in the hypocritical hell is going on here?

Why do our lawmakers only care about protecting women's sports? I know they love controlling women more than men and everything, but do boys not matter? We have the exact opposite thing happening – a real-life documented example of girls infiltrating manly boy sports – and… well… crickets!

The obvious silence makes you wonder – Could a "Save Mens Sports Act" be in the works?

With Stitt's lead over Hofmeister shrinking and Walter's trailing Nelson in the polls (article here), perhaps it's an October surprise that Stitt and Co. will use to galvanize the Friday night lights crowd that thinks women should be wearing a cute outfit on the sidelines and cheering for the team as opposed to playing on it.

"If Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other Leftists Liberals have their way, your daughter will be playing football, not watching it! I believe in traditional, common sense Oklahoma values, and that women should be at home or church where they belong, having their freedoms and reproductive rights controlled by male politicians. I'm Kevin Stitt, and I approved this message."

Then again, I could just be overthinking things. Maybe Stitt and Co. are being silent because they're aware of their hypocrisy and see that the public likes this story of two girls helping out their town and suiting up for the football team, and just want it all to go away.

Either way, I guess we'll know the answer in a few weeks.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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