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Kevin Stitt claims Oklahoma for God…

"Father, we just claim Oklahoma for you. Every square inch, we claim it for you in the name of Jesus." J. Kevin Stitt

I’d like to give a big friendly welcome to Oklahoma’s newest landlord – God!

In what will surely cause a headache in county assessors' offices all across the state, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt claimed Oklahoma for God in the name of Jesus during a prayer on the front steps of the State Capitol either right before or after election day.

Check this out:

Man, look at God making out like a bandit in Oklahoma! 

First, He was given a national chain of arts and crafts stores, now He gets an entire state! I’m not sure what type of gifts you give the all-mighty deity who created everything in the universe, but that’s a good place to start! Maybe he’ll be appeased by these offerings and give us new politicians who will help make the arbitrary boundary called Oklahoma a better place to live!

Just kidding. We know God is a hard-core right-wing MAGA Republican because that movement accurately represents the teachings and philosophies in the Bible. 

Here’s the full text of the speech that I grabbed from Joe My God:

“Father, we just claim Oklahoma for you. Every square inch, we claim it for you in the name of Jesus. Father, we can do nothing apart from you. We don’t battle against flesh and blood but against principalities and darkness.

“And father, we just come against that, we just lose your will over our state right now in the name of Jesus. We just thank you and we claim Oklahoma for you with the authority that I have as governor and the spiritual authority and the physical authority that you give me.

“I claim Oklahoma for you that we will be a light to our country and to the world. We thank you that your will was done on Tuesday and father, that you will have your way with our state, with our education system, with everything within the walls behind me.

“Lord, we pray that you will root out corruption and bring the right people into this building.”

Yikes. I guess since he and Ryan Walters both won on Tuesday, it’s safe to say Stitt’s prayers to God went unanswered! Who knows – Maybe Stitt secretly gave him Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Kitchen in a secret prayer service a few weeks ago! 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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