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Right-Wing Edmond Mom Flashes Democratic State Senate Candidate

Say what you want about today’s vitriolic political extremism – it sure can be entertaining!

Last night, I was alerted to some Facebook drama involving Oklahoma State Senate Candidate Blake Aguirre – a young Democrat seeking election in Senate District 22 – and the fittingly named Dukes – a right-wing Edmond family that doesn't like Democrat politicians.

Based on my review of Facebook posts, comments, and one funny video, here’s a breakdown of what appears to have transpired.

Over the weekend, Aguirre was out canvassing in an Edmond-area neighborhood looking for some votes in an election he’ll likely lose. While going door to door, he came across the Duke family’s house and left some campaign literature on their front door. 

This act of political solicitation didn’t set too well with Mr. Duke, so instead of doing what a normal person does and waiting for the politician to leave – and then promptly removing the literature from your door and placing it in the trash can – he got all salty and allegedly verbally accosted and threatened Aguirre, tossing out a homophobic slur or two in the process.

At one point during this altercation, I guess the Duke’s sweet, friendly, and probably kind of terrifying pitbull got loose in the front yard. This prompted Aguirre to then call the Edmond Police and file a complaint. 

Aguirre – while apparently backed up by his mom and a few campaign volunteers – then waited for the cops, got out his phone, and started filming the situation. 

This act of videography upset the Duke family even more! 

At one point, Ms. Duke even ran out of the house, shot double birds at Mr. Aguirre, and – while possibly reliving Mardi Gras memories from long ago – instinctively flashed him while wearing a sports bra!

Aguirre would eventually share the video on Facebook. I uploaded it to YouTube:

As Dean Blevins would say, “That’s someone’s daughter!”

Seriously, though, that’s hysterical. I like how Aguirre – an openly gay man – sounds like he's listening to his BFF recap a Tinder date while having brunch in the Paseo. If they met under different circumstances, I bet he and Ms. Duke would hit it off and be besties! I also like how Mr. Duke yelled for his wife to come back inside after she just flashed the politician he just accosted. The whole scene is today’s America in a nutshell. 

Eventually, the Edmond police showed up on the scene, cited the Dukes for unleashing the dog, and the whole case is now going to court.

After the cops came and did their thing, Aguirre went to bother more residents, and the Dukes went back to doing whatever right-wing families do to kill time. Then the shit-show moved over to Facebook. 

Ms. Duke shared this message about Aguirre, warning her friends about him…

This prompted Aguirre to respond with this…

Eventually, Duke jumped into Aguirre’s comments, they bickered back and forth, and he shared the video above of her flashing the camera. He then claimed he was sending it to the botox day spa she works at:

Regardless of circumstance, I think an aspiring politician trying to get a potential constituent in trouble with their job for flashing someone while standing in their front yard is a pretty big dick move. I don’t know if it’s in the same class as a potential constituent threatening and accosting a politician with gay slurs for leaving a brochure on their front door, but it’s weak in my opinion.

Plus, in Ms. Duke’s defense, she was only trying to be silly!

Seriously, why should flashing a politician disqualify someone from being a botox technician? If more people responded to politicians that way, perhaps we’d get higher-quality candidates seeking public office! 

Eventually, Aguirre’s mom hopped in the comments section to share her thoughts on the fiasco…

Whenever someone calls Pancho, you know shit’s about to get real!

Anyway, I guess we’ll wait around and see what the courts say about this in December. It will also be interesting to see if the legitimate local media covers this clickable affair. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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