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Dean Blevins tweets video of Bourbon Street flasher…

dean blevins

Happy New Year! We'll get back in the flow of writing stuff for the Internet tomorrow when everyone returns to work, but until then, here's something special to get you by.

As you know, the University of Oklahoma plays Auburn tonight in the Sugar Bowl. That means everyone in the local sports media gets to enjoy the debauchery of my personal favorite party destination – Bourbon Street.

This includes local ladies' man legend Dean Blevins. Last night, Dean the Stream was hanging out with probably Al Eschbach, Barry Switzer, Toby Keith and some other old perverts on a Bourbon Street balcony watching women flash their boobs for beads.

We know this because Dean posted video of it on Twitter. For some unknown reason, he also tagged his employer News 9. Here's a screenshot:


Yeah, that's someone's daughter… that you're recording from the balcony of some Bourbon Street harem and then sharing on the Internet for everyone to see. I'm sure Dean's wife is very proud!

Seriously, that's great. Say what you want about Dean, but his Twitter always entertain. He's like a real-life Ron Burgundy. He's aloof, image conscious, has a massive ego and thinks El Reno means "Whale's Vagina" in Spanish. I bet his office at News 9 smells like rich mahogany and Sex Panther cologne.

Anyway, you may notice that I only posted a screenshot of the video. This isn't because I developed class, ethics, and standards over the holiday break. It's because Dean deleted the tweet! I guess he wanted to keep it in his private collection or something.

As a result, we now get videos like this...

Fun fact– That is someone's daughter.

Anyway, Dean Blevins has blocked us from following him on Twitter, so if he tweets anymore videos of drunk women flashing their boobs, or pees during the News 9 postgame show, please send them our way. Enjoy your day off from work!

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