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Lost Ogle Show: Kendra Horn

We spoke with the former Congresswoman about her attempt to upset Marcuswayne Mullin in their race for the US Senate.

I was honored and happy to welcome Kendra Horn – former congresswoman for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District – back to The Lost Ogle Show presented by Patricia's!

Kendra is currently running for US Senate against her former house colleague and Lord of the Derplahomans – MarcusWayne Mullen.

Kendra and I talked about what it was like serving in congress and why she's wanting to go back to D.C. as a Senator. We also discussed topics like inflation, online misinformation, the War in Ukraine, and basically, why MarcusWayne would make a terrible US Senator for the people of Oklahoma.

If that sounds like a conversation you'd like to listen to, or your in the mood to hear an Oklahoma Democrat talk about working with Jim Inhofe, check it out below:

As always, The Lost Ogle Show is free to stream and download wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold, and traded.

I'd like to thank our fine producer and engineer Randy "Mile High" Mitchell, our sponsors at Patricia's, and Kendra for making the time to stop by.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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