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Governor Stitt launches YouTube Propaganda Channel

10:11 AM EDT on September 2, 2022

Just in time for campaign season, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced yesterday he's launched a YouTube channel to celebrate all the make-believe Top 10 accomplishments he wants voters to think he's achieved as Governor.

It's creatively called "Oklahoma Top 10 News," and even has its own fancy news-looking logo:

Wow! Slap that logo on a t-shirt and send it to Mike Gundy! He can wear it for his next fishing trip!

Obviously, Stitt using every authoritarian strongman's favorite weapon – state-run propaganda – in an attempt to trick, misinform and mislead the public isn't anything new. He loves making social media videos, so he might as well launch a YouTube channel, too.

Here's Stitt's video announcement:

First of all, Shelly Zumwalt's come a long way since she used to hang around shows for The Moons. Second, it's nice to see so many well-established, well-paid state employees sucking up to their boss on video. I'm sure they had a choice and eagerly volunteered to participate, and didn't do so out of fear of losing their job.

I followed Stitt's advice and checked out the playlist his staff cobbled together for "Oklahoma Top 10 News," and – surprisingly – I didn't find one video that highlighted Oklahoma being a Top 10 State for Rising Electricity Costs, Top 10 State for Teen Pregnancies, Top 10 State for Bridges in "Poor" condition, Top 10 State for Incarceration, or even a Top Ten State for BBQ Restaurant Chains that Defraud Taxpayers.

Nope, for some reason, the Governor looked over those Top 10 accolades.

Instead, we get a bunch of older videos showing the great things going on in Oklahoma. For example, the first Oklahoma highlight shows a bunch of highway patrolmen practicing for what they're supposed to do during a school shooting...

Wow. How's that for some Top 10 news?

Here's another one where he celebrates Oklahoma being a Top 10 State for Lack of Abortion Rights for Women:

Whew. Don't you feel lucky to live in such a Top 10 state?

Anyway, we look forward to all the other Top 10 News videos Stitt and Co. will roll out next couple of months.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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