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Uhm, what happened to Kevin Stitt’s giant white cowboy hat???

As most of our fans and followers know, we love to lampoon, criticize and make fun of our dopey, darn tootin', 1-percenter governor – Mr. J. Kevin Stitt. This is because A) It's fun to make fun of rich, powerful, dopey politicians and B) It's very easy to do.

For example, earlier this year we called out the Governor for playing a cosplay cowboy at local rodeos, horse shows, MeatWeek festivities, and even while addressing citizens from the Governor's office.

Remember all this?

Sadly, it appears our hee-haw mockery of the Governor may have struck an insecure nerve. Over the past couple of weeks, Ole' Stitter's been hitting the rodeo campaign circuit to secure his base, and a piece of his wardrobe has been conspicuously absent:

Seriously, what gives? The guy wears his white cowboy hat everywhere he goes, and then he suddenly stops.

Did his critics calling him "all hat and no cattle" get the best of him? Were the people asking him about insurance quotes for their cars, trucks, and mobile homes getting on his nerves?

Is it just me, or does Kevin Stitt look like Tall Paul and the Credit Jewelry Cowboy's love child? As a guy who has the phone number 524-1541 tramp-stamped on my back, I'm not judging.

If Kevin Stitt stopped wearing his cowboy hat due to criticism, that would be surprising. His skin looks thicker than a rough and leathery cow hide, so I doubt that's the case. Maybe it was a polling-driven decision, or Kevin's head has grown so big since being elected Governor that the hat no longer fits. I guess another option could be the president of Azerbaijan kept it.

Anyway, I guess we'll get to work on filing an open records request to get more information about all this. If you have any tips, details, or simply want to take me to dinner at Cattlemen's, shoot us an email.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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