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Equity Brewing Co. issues online manifesto after patron calls owner “Sweetheart…”

Today's 21st-century culture wars can't find a way out of the Norman brewing scene.

Just months after Black Mesa Brewing released a "Let's Gose Brandon" ale to its right-wing hop lovers, Equity Brewing Co. released a lengthy statement on social media after a male customer dared address the brewery's owner – OU professor Suzette Grilliot – as "Sweetheart."

Obviously, the customer wasn't former OU President Jim Gallogly.

Here's the statement:

Before we continue, I want to clarify one thing...

1. I can't stand the dudes who call waitresses – and other women they don't know – names like sweetheart, darlin', hun, pumpkin, toots, etc.

Seriously, if that's you, please stop! You may think it's charming, polite, and innocuous, and maybe it is, but deep down, we know the real reason you say it is on the off-chance the woman will be flattered and want to sleep with you. It's very creepy and you should stop. In fact, I'd suggest you just do what I do and address all bartenders and servers with a very gender-neutral "Hey!" You know, as in "Hey... can we get another round" or "Hey... can we get our tabs?" or "Hey... what's your name again?"

With that out of the way, "Really?"

I know I'm a Gen-X edge lord who's out of touch on some things – and I'm all for Suzette standing up for herself and confronting the dude – but did the incident really necessitate a 500+ word man-splaining manifesto about why you shouldn't use the word "Sweetheart?" Breweries are where people should be able to go and be themselves and not worry about modern-day culture wars. It's not a university safe space!

In fact, it kind of makes me wonder if it's all being intentionally blown out of proportion for the sake of publicity and marketing. This place is called Equity Brewing Co. for a reason, and they do cater to the modern-day woke beer-drinking crowd. In fact, maybe they'll launch an entire social-justice-driven line of beers down the road, including favorites such as "Toxic Masculinity Stout," "She, Her and They: Triple Pronoun IPA" and a special limited-edition "Defund The Po-Yeast Lambicus."

Anyway, I hope this post doesn't result in Equity Brewing Co. writing an online manifesto to me, and then getting us canceled again. That would suck more than a cider. Also, I hope Dr. Grilliot lets me come to her taproom and drink beers someday. I promise to call every employee a very respectful "Hey."

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