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Kevin Stitt to star in new Frontier City “Wild Wild West” show….

10:13 AM EST on February 22, 2022

Yeehaw pardners! We got some darn tootin' news to announce!

Earlier this week, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt revealed he'll be starring in a new Wild Wild West Show to debut this summer at Frontier City!

The show – which is titled "McStooge vs. McGirt" and will be educational in nature – is basically a short play that will feature Stitt in the role of Scooter P. McStooge – an Oklahoma businessman turned vigilante bounty hunter.

He, along with legendary Oklahoma lawman Bass Reeves (played by Michael Todd), will lead a vagabond group of marshalls, deputies in pursuit of Biden Ironkettle McGirt – a vicious Cherokee outlaw and PETA activist who wants to strip Oklahoma of its laws and sovereignty and impose burdensome regulations on Oklahoma businesses.

It will conclude with a spectacular gunfight where Stitt...err... McStooge heroically saves the day by slaughtering dozens of vicious natives and restoring sovereignty and white rule to his state.

The program, which is written by Carly Atchison in partnership with the Oklahoma Tourism Department, will will be financed using federal COVID relief funding.

Stitt actually unveiled a sneak peek of his costume in a recent video he shot for the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. Although he looks more like a poser who roles around with steer horns on the bumper of his Cadillac, it's a good look:

That's pretty cool. Although I think Stitt would look better as a rodeo clown, you have to admit he pulls off the pandering rancher look better than he does pandering farmer...


Anyway, I guess we'll wait around for more details of this production that I just made up in order to lampoon our cosplay stooge Governor who pretends to be a cowboy to make his a dick hard. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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