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Stitt brings out Student Propaganda Shields in fight to privatize public education…

10:50 AM EST on February 11, 2022

As he mentioned in his State-of-the-State address, one of the big goals and priorities for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt – and all the other grifters, moochers, and Young Presidents in the Oklahoma right-wing ecosystem – is to further privatize, deconstruct and sabotage public education in Oklahoma, or as they call it, "school choice."

One of Stitt's allies in this holy crusade to bring public education to its knees is the Oklahoma Senate. They've introduced the Oklahoma Empowerment Act, a proposal that will basically give taxpayer money to parents who want to send their kids to private schools.

Another person helping with the cause is Stitt's Education Brosetary Ryan Walters.

Although he ironically wants to be the State Superintendant of Public Education, he's part of the State Chamber of Commerce crew that wants to further privatize it. That's why the Chamber fast-tracked Walter's political career by putting him in charge of some school choice non-profit they've backed over the years.

Anyway, it appears that Stitt, the Oklahoma Senate and Walters are going to aggressively pursue and advance this proposed legislation over the next couple of months. In fact, they've already started creepily using Student Propaganda Shields to get the word out:

That's pretty cool! Being forced to recreate a scene from a Soviet-era propaganda film, and chant a weird slogan that calls for taking money away from Oklahoma classrooms and putting it in private-sector pockets, all while their political leader looks on admiringly, is a moment those high school kids are never going to forget, Comrades.

Although the Oklahoma Empowerment Act is backed by Stitt and the Senate, Charles McCall – the Oklahoma Speaker of the House – claims the bill won't be heard in his chambers Even though his pal – House Floor Leader Jon Echols – is seen cheering the students on in the video above, McCall claims everyone in the House isn't for it.

Yeah right.

We all know Oklahoma politicians A) Love to lie, B) Love to play political games, and C) Love to stick it the public education, so don't be shocked if/when McCall uses the Oklahoma Empowerment Act as a political chess piece to maximize his power, and towards the end of the session when nobody's looking, uses some loopholes and shady legislative procedures to pass the bill at the midnight hour.

Until then, it will be interesting to see what other propaganda tactics involving student shields Stitt and Co. use to advance the message. I guess we'll let you know when they do.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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