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Oklahoma brewery releases “Lets GOse Brandon” beer…

Over the weekend, the humorless Wokelahoma segment of the Internet got their outrage on after Black Mesa Brewing launched a new beer called "Lets GOse Brandon."

Yep, that's right. A Norman brewery named after a slab of volcanic rock located in the far reaches of our deep red panhandle is pandering to the right-wing craft beer-drinking crowd. That's an interesting marketing strategy. To please their new fans, they better make sure all their beers taste like Busch Light!

Here's their Instagram announcement:

According to sources I just made up, Let's GOse Brandon is apparently part of Black Mesa's new alt-right-inspired line-up of beers that the brewery will roll out over the coming months, with future concoctions including Insurrectionist Pale Ale, Three-Percenter Session Pilsener, Stop the Saison, and Brews Will Not Replace Us.

The fact that Black Mesa named a beer after the code word for Fuck Joe Biden shouldn't be a surprise. They have some other interesting named beers. I did a double-take when I saw this one:

When I first saw the image and name, I thought they were making light of indigenous culture by referring to First Americans as cave dwellers. But that's not the case. They named that beer after Neanderthals who went to Black Mesa to hunt Dinosaurs.

According to scientists, the prehistoric Neanderthals (Cave Dwellers) were hunters and gatherers that migrated to Black Mesa in search of dinosaurs. We believe that they migrated to Black Mesa in search of the perfect Hoppy Red Ale. #CaveDweller

Anyway, as a left-wing edge lord, naming a beer after an insult to the President really doesn't bother me all that much. Although it's a stupid pun, I'm sure it gets a little laugh from the Unite Norman folks that drink craft beer. Just because I don't find it funny, doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to laugh at the name, and then share it with their friends in the local militia.

That being said, the one that does get me all riled up is Strawberry Fields Forever. WTF?! How dare they name one of their shitty fruit beers after my favorite Beatles song. For some people that may be nothing to get hung about, but for me, it's sacrilegious!

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