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Update: Kevin Stitt cancels Edmond fundraiser after TLO report

11:55 AM EST on November 17, 2021

Update: The Stitt campaign canceled the fundraiser not too long after we broke the story. Here's a modified version of the original report below...

Old Headline: Kevin Stitt "praying" at Edmond fundraiser today...

Although his decision already appears to be made, Kevin Stitt is apparently in "deep prayer" over whether or not he should do the right thing and spare the life of death row inmate Julius Jones.

At least that's what his staffers told members of the Jones family when they met yesterday:

Supporters of Julius Jones said Tuesday, after meeting with members of Gov. Kevin Stitt’s staff, that they’ve been told the governor is “deep in prayer” about his impending decision whether or not to commute Jones’ sentence...

“We have received a word from our governor that at this particular time, he's not meeting publicly with anyone, but is spending much of his time in prayer and meditation so that he receives spiritual guidance from the Lord our God to make the right decision,” Reed said. “We're going to ask our city, our community, the state, even our nation to spend the next day or so in much prayer that the Lord will lead our governor in the right direction.”

Yep, Kevin Stitt is in deep prayer looking for guidance from the Lord on whether or not he should murder someone who may be innocent of his convicted crimes, and isn't meeting with anyone publically.

Well, that is unless you're a pharmacist with money!

Earlier this morning, we received a tip via the Ogle Mole Network that Kevin Stitt was attending a fundraiser today at the Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma headquarters in Edmond. It's an organization that's run by a former conservative Oklahoma lawmaker Greg Piatt.

Check this out:

Our tweet was quickly confirmed by Chris Polansky with Public Radio Tulsa. He called the PPOk and they confirmed the Governor would be on hand.

Yeah, that's not surprising. Even for a deeply religious hypocrite like Stitt, I'm sure money always comes before prayer, and or deciding whether you should kill someone or not.


Not too long after Polansky confirmed with the venue that Stitt would be stopping by to raise campaign money 24 hours before he green lights the execution of a possibly innocent man, KOCO's Dillon Richards fired off this tweet:

First of all, fun fact for Stitt's team – execution dates are also set weeks in advance.

Second, I like how Richards doesn't have the courage to mention us in a tweet where he uses Stitt & Co. spin to set the record straight. As Polansky confirmed, the people at the venue thought the Governor was still stopping by, so I guess the Governor's team didn't get it **unscheduled** until after we broke the news.

Anyway, now that Stitt canceled his meeting, I'm not sure how or when Julius Jones's family, friends and supporters will get to speak with the Governor directly. I wouldn't advise going to the Governor's mansion:

Even though Stitt's still "praying" for guidance, it sure seems like his mind is made up, huh?

Anyway, we'll continue to follow this sad story and provide updates. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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