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Just One More Thing: The Magnificent Wood Sculpture of Columbo in Tulsa

9:24 AM EDT on October 6, 2021

Not too long ago, I read a strange Columbo paperback called The Helter Skelter Murders, wherein the venerable detective takes on Charles Manson and his killer crew. Little did I know that, as I was tearing through that long-forgotten pulp, artist Clayton Coss was using a chainsaw to tear through his own wooden take on the grizzled detective.

The life-size wooden statue was spotted in Tulsa by Twitter user John Frankensteiner, who claimed he couldn’t “log onto Twitter fast enough to share this information.” I absolutely agree.

Here’s his Twitter post:

According to his website, Clayton Coss, a Wagoner resident, is a “renowned sculptor who has been sculpting wood since the mid 80’s. Using only a chainsaw, he creates beautiful works of art for the yard or business area. He has sculpted literally thousands of trees in the Tulsa area.”

Judging from his carvings of Quanah Parker, Mickey Mantle, and, I guess, Gandalf, I’d have to agree:

After viewing his portfolio, I would love to requisition a woodcarving of myself and my pup Sean looking undoubtedly heroic in the face of oncoming danger, but I also kind of want Vicki, the robot from Small Wonder, for the front yard. Decisions, decisions!

But, until that time comes, I guess the next time I’m in T-Town I’ll track down a few leads and, hopefully, have my picture taken in front of the crime-solving sleuth’s wooden image.

Regardless, I‘ll start my next found Columbo novel, The Grassy Knoll, where he takes on the assassins of JFK, while you, on the other hand, can enjoy his classic (?) segment from Tulsa Treasures:


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