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Kiowa Tribe complains about treatment by Embassy Suites in Norman!

I can see why the organizers of the OKC Freedom Rally chose the hold their event at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman!

Earlier this week, the Kiowa Tribe Language Department held a retreat at the hotel, which sounds as non-political as you can get. However, as a Kiowa Tribe employee—who is also an Elder, mind you—tried to check-out using a Tax Identification Exemption Card, after the Accounts Manager on Duty told him his card was invalid, he then told the Elder to “go back to your reservation and use it there because our hotel is not in Indian Country.”

I guess the true spirit of the Freedom Rally must’ve gotten to the MOD!

These types of discriminations against Indigenous people are quite prevalent not only in Norman, but throughout much of Oklahoma. While I can understand an issue with the Tax Identification Cards, that doesn't give hotel staff the right to be disrespectful to the Elder and, honestly, the Kiowa people and the Indigenous in general.

I’m sure most people with a working soul would think so too.

In the Kiowa’s press release, they said they are looking for both an apology for the demeaning slur and the appropriate actions to be taken against the MOD, which sounds reasonable to anyone. But, having said something so cruel to the Elder and his people, obviously the MOD has issues with anyone of non-white lineage staying at their hotel then having the guile to ask for a government-issued discount.

“We are very saddened that our employees and elders in attendance were subjected to inappropriate remarks with racial overtone,” the press release read. “The Executive Branch is acting on this matter swiftly to ensure this issue will be resolved appropriately.”

While Embassy Suites has yet to respond as of this writing, maybe all Indigenous people should avoid the hotel in the future until this matter is cleared up. If it’s ever cleared up.


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