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City of Yukon to remove Garth Brooks name from Water Tower…

To be 100% clear, that headline is fake – these are steps we must take to get by in the attention economy – but as I mused on Twitter earlier today, you know it has to be crossing some City of Yukon official's mind:

In all fairness, I doubt the Yukon City Council will get involved. I bet Sheriff Chris West and his volunteer posse are already getting to work on the problem!

Obviously, I bring this up is because Garth Brooks showed up in boots to today's black-tie affair in DC and sang "Amazing Grace" for what many Yukon citizens probably feel was an inauguration for a group of lizard pedophiles who fraudulently stole the 2020 election.

In case you live in a cave, here it is:

Seriously, I wonder how many country music fans in Oklahoma threw up in their mouth a little bit after watching that? This betrayal probably hurt more than Blake Shelton leaving Miranda for Gwen. The only way they'll forgive him is if he puts his songs on Spotify and YouTube, and even that's debatable.

Anyway, although lots of Garth Brooks fans are upset by today's inauguration, most of my liberal (and even some conservative) friends are ecstatic and overjoyed. And they should be. I think the world is a better place without a right-wing narcissist reality TV star conman running the show.

That being said, I'd describe my feelings as more "cautiously relieved." Although Trump may be gone from office (for now), the people who eagerly bought his lies, spread his deception, and lived in his disturbing reality are still out there, and at last check, make-up 65% of our state's population. To make matters worse, now they don't have Garth Brooks to keep them comfortable and happy while in such low places. It will be interesting and somewhat scary to see what the future brings.

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