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Right-Wing Nuts Storm the US Capitol in the Name of Trump!

As I write this sometime in the late hours of Wednesday night, right-wing politicos like Tucker Carlson and Sarah Palin are all over Fox News, telling their viewership that the disgusting level of “taking back America” that we saw from Trump worshippers were, in fact, “Antifa in disguise” and so on.

But, as many of us watched the outright declaration of Republican-led subversion unfold that Wednesday afternoon, we knew what was really going down and, sadly, I can’t write that most of us didn’t expect it to occur.

Yesterday morning, President Trump, in another rambling speech to his rumbling people, gave his usual declarations of “stolen election” and so on, one that this time seemingly inspired the toothless rabble-rousers to march on down to the Capitol building and commit absolute insurrection—the same thing they had always complained that leftists were planning, natch—and taking over its insides for most of the day.

As that was happening, Oklahoma’s two right-wing buffoons, Representative Markwayne Mullin and Senator James Lankford—who was, at the time, giving a speech on Trump’s absolute re-electability—were trapped in the aged house, with Mullin—an angry cage-fighter, mind you—cowering and possibly crying in-between the chairs. How’s that “miracle” working out for you, Mullin?

But meanwhile, back here in Oklahoma, the Trumper-pumpers were out on their phones and computers, desperately trying to find anything possible to spin this breaking news for the denying and decrying right-side; here’s a few terrible (or courageous, depending on your affiliation) examples sent to me by an Ogle Mole…

Once the proper authorities showed up and killed a protestor trying to break in through a window, eventually, the crowd somewhat dispersed, though the MAGAts roamed around D.C. aimlessly for hours. Meanwhile, people like Mullin appeared on various news programs—most famously here in OKC on KFOR—where he continued to stand by the idea of Trump as God’s only elected official.

With lead anchor Kevin Ogle asking the safest possible questions, Mullin talked about how he went down to talk to injured police officers and the like and even damned—somewhat—the acting protestors. But, he also made sure to, once again, smack-down President Elect Biden and talk about this so-called “illegal” election. Some people never learn, I guess.

But, thankfully, none of that worked, because when they went back into the house, Lankford even changed his opinion on the whole election matter. Concurrently, people are calling for Twitter and Facebook to not only take away Trump’s account, but to actively seek immediate removal from the Presidency, because, you know, that motherfucker is crazy.

Stay with the Lost Ogle…we’ll keep you advised.


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