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Lost Ogle Show: Taking a Dive into SQ 805 w/ OK Policy’s Damion Shade

Although most people have either A) voted or B) made up their mind on how they're going to vote, we thought it would be interesting and informative to take a partisan, deep-dive into SQ 805 and Oklahoma prison reform with Damion Shade of the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

We spent some time with Damion talking about SQ 805, what it does, and what it will hopefully accomplish. We also address some of the misleading concerns some of its authoritarian opponents in the Oklahoma law enforcement complex (a.k.a. the people who profit from putting people in jail) have been peddling on social media. In addition to all that, we also talked about criminal justice reform in general, why Oklahoma is the incarceration capital of the world, and who knows what else.

Give it a listen:

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