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Oklahoma Insurance Agent Asks When Americans Can Hunt Down Kendra Horn…

10:36 AM EST on December 19, 2019

Are you looking for additional insurance coverage in preparation for the next American Civil War – a bloody, insurgent conflict that will likely take place in the next decade or so?

Perhaps you want an umbrella policy to make sure your property is covered from damage by roaming, vagabond gangs of skinheads, or maybe you just want to bump up your life insurance in case you're killed in an IED explosion planted by an insurgent right wing militiaman?

If so, I'd suggest contacting Brad Smallwood with Liberty Mutual Insurance. He'll make sure you're protected for when then fall of American civilization strikes. Hell, he's apparently already planning for it! Just check out the Facebook post he shared on Kendra Horn's page yesterday:

Yeah, that's real. KFOR tracked down Smallwood – a name that I'm sure is very fitting – to get his side of the story before he is fired:

A politically charged post made by an Oklahoma insurance agent is catching a lot of attention on social media.The post was made to Congresswoman Kendra Horn’s Facebook page...News Four spoke with Smallwood on the phone several times, Wednesday, to get his side of the story. Smallwood says the post was taken out of context and that he was referring to lack of military spending.“Right now, everything is hyperbolic, and you have a few beers and then you have one post out of a discussion that is taken out and kind of used against you,” Smallwood said.

That makes sense. Who hasn't had a few beers, grabbed their iPad, and then fired off a few hyperbolic rants suggesting that Americans hunt down a congresswoman and make her pay the ultimate price. According to KFOR, Smallwood is now sorry:

“You know I went overboard, you know, and I would just apologize to Ms. Horn. You know, certainly I don't want anything to happen to her,” he said.

Yeah, it's all just a big misunderstanding. He doesn't want Kendra to be hunted down and stuffed in a body bag. He was just drunk and joking around, like Trump at a campaign rally.

Anyway, if you want to let Smallwood know how you feel about his beer-fueled rant, or simple want him to make sure your insurance coverage is Civil War ready, you can hop on his Liberty Mutual Facebook page and leave a comment. I would just suggest you hurry up and do it before he is fired.

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