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Terry Neese claims Russia tried to hack her email…


Out of all the Republican folks looking to unseat Kendra Horn in the race for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District, you'd figure Janet Barresi would be the first one to announce her campaign was hacked by Russians. Granted, this has more to do with Janet likely using the password "Password," but it would be a safe bet.

Knowing that, it's a bit of a surprise to learn that one of Janet's opponents – Terry Neese – announced over the weekend that "6,000 Russian and foreign bots" tried to hack her campaign database. Here's her nut job statement about the news:

Hey, I can't blame the Russians on this one. If you're looking to spread lies and disinformation in the upcoming election, Terry Neese's campaign database seems like a great place to start. This lady is a certified Fox News wacko! I'm sure she has a treasure trove of fake memes, refuted accusations and unfounded conspiracy theories all lined up and ready to go, as we get closer to 2020.

Seriously, did it not occur to Terry that maybe the Russians were trying to help her? She's their ideal candidate: She's divisive, doesn't believe in facts and is a staunchly loyal supporter of the man the Russians successfully put into the White House.

Now that Terry's team at Lifelock has uncovered the hacking attempt, the Russians really should turn their attention to Janet Barresi. She, like Terry Neese, is a Fox News wacko, but as an added bonus, Janet also has plans that could lead to the destruction of the American public education system. The Russians should really consider getting that message out there.

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