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KFOR files Emmy-caliber report on Oklahoma love triangle gone wrong…

One thing that sucks about the newspaper'esque decline of local TV news is that we're getting less and less and less of those funny, sensational news stories that made local TV news actually watchable. You know, stories that involved people like Sweet Brown not having time for that, or Sir Jon Michael reminiscing about sunbathing in the nude on top of a school bus before cops swooped down on his landlord's marijuana grow operation.

Fortunately, KFOR's Peyton Yager is on the scene and on the story, to make sure some entertaining news still trickles down to our corner. For example, she recently filed this Jerry Springer-inspired report about a scabby biker named Tim Yost and the two women who loved him — and maybe even tried to kill him.

Check it out:

As one who often finds myself fleeing the women I have open relationships with because they want me to do chores, I sympathize with Tim on this one. Nothing's worse than a woman who's scorned because you won't fold the towels after you left your wife to be with her. Let's hope Tim heals up, moves on, and hopefully puts some Neosporin on those scabs.

That being said, Tim didn't like the way KFOR portrayed the story. He left a Facebook video to set the record straight, and – despite the fact that she ain't allowed to talk to him, and he ain't allowed to talk to her – profess his love for the woman who ran him off the road while he was on a motorcycle. He also bragged about putting his kids' mom in the Enid jail. It's Oklahoma livin' and lovin' at it's finest. Enjoy.


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