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Frontier City Brings New Thrill Ride To Downtown OKC…

In case you missed it, Frontier City launched its new thrill ride – The Devon Tower Screamer – yesterday morning in downtown Oklahoma City.

The ride joins the Silver Bullet in the theme park's new "Terror in Real Life" adventure series, and gives thrill-seekers of all ages the chance to experience the sensation of facing certain death while trapped inside a swinging, out-of-control lift basket high above the Oklahoma City skyline.

It also comes with a complimentary fire department rescue.

The inaugural ride, which was taken by couple of professional window washers, captivated viewers from around the globe and made national news:

Although you may need to watch for falling glass, that's pretty cool and looks like a lot of fun. I've heard Steve Lackmeyer has already ridden the ride five times, and only had to change his underwear twice.

The Devon Tower Screamer will be open from now through Labor Day. In June, it will be joined by another Frontier City - Downtown OKC collaboration  – the Runaway Streetcar Experience.

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