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Barbie Doll pays tribute to Paris with music video release…

Last week, people from around the world watched in horror as their friends who have been to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris shared photos of their visits on social media as the historic building burned.

This includes our favorite self-made millionaire rapper from Moore – Barbie Doll.

She paid tribute to the city by sharing a previously unreleased music video that was filmed in Paris and, for some reason, Amsterdam.

You can view the video below. It features Barbie Doll dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower, sports cars, fountains, terrified onlookers, etc. Check it out:

Even though it samples quite literally the worst song of the 1990s, that wasn't too bad. At the very least, I liked it more than Barbie's first video – Barbie World. That's the one where she danced in front of Moore High School and then drove around Lake Hefner in cars that were probably stolen from a dealership on S. Shields.

On that note, does anyone think it's weird that Barbie waited so long to release the video? Barbie loves to brag and flaunt her self-made millionaire lifestyle, so you think she would have shared this music video quicker than you can say "Come on, Barbie, let's go party!" Seriously, she's dancing in front of fancy pink sports cars in front of a European fountain! What gives?

Curious, I decided to see what Barbie has been up to. Is she still a self-made millionaire rapper, or has she fallen into the hundredaire ranks and now waiting tables at Pickle's? Within one minute, I stumbled across this:

Yikes. You have to take what people share on a TV news channel's Facebook wall with a grain of salt, especially when it sounds like a plot to the Hangover 4, but that's concerning. Fortunately, Barbie Doll shared this photo on Facebook about 12 hours later to let everyone know she was okay:

I was kind of expecting a photo of Mike Tyson and a tiger.

Anyway, Barbie went radio silent after that update, but shared this Facebook poll back in February. It was her last social media update before sharing the stuff about Paris:

Okay, so the poll only received 15 votes, but at least 10 of them voted "Yes." That's not bad. I hope it encourages Barbie to give music another shot. I think she can make it big, and even if she doesn't, there's always Pickle's.

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