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Local Dude wins $1,000,000 from Publisher’s Clearing House…


When I was a poor kid growing up on the southside, I remember helping my grandmother choose magazine subscriptions from the Publisher's Clearing House catalog while wishing, hoping and praying that Ed McMahon would knock on the front door holding a big $1,000,000 check. It's a strange memory, especially when you consider Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearing House, and never walked around holding gigantic checks for $1-million.

Either way, some people still do work for the company, and as result, some guy from Oklahoma City won a cool $1-million yesterday.

Via the Prize Patrol's Facebook:

That's pretty cool. I think the only way you can still make it in America is to win a lottery, whether it be birth, Power Ball or a nationwide sweepstakes. Let's hope Eddie's responsible with the money and doesn't blow it on other sweepstakes.

Out of curiosity, I went to the Publisher's Clearing House website to see how it works now. Do they still mail you a packet with little magazine stamps to return in a pre-paid postage envelope? Did they get Andy Richter to replace Ed McMahon?  I'm honestly not sure. The website looked like an offshore gambling hub, sent my data blockers into red alert, and wanted all my personal information just to play a simple game of Keno. Sorry. I'm willing to hand that data over to big evil companies like Google and Facebook, but not some weird clearinghouse – whatever that is – that's only purpose in life is to make dreams come true.

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