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Dean Blevins eats dog food…

I bet Dean Blevins gets really hungry when he passes the Purina plant on Broadway Extension!

On Sunday night, Dean and that OSU homer from Tulsa shared their New Year resolutions on the Oklahoma Sports Blitz – a show that used to be appointment viewing for local sports fans until social media and mobile technology came along and made it irrelevant.

Instead of vowing to stay off social media or meet with the doctor from Concussion, Dean acknowledged that he needs to... eat less dog food.

Here's the clip:

I don't think anyone is surprised that Dean Blevins would mistake dog treats for beef jerky. This is the same guy who pees live on the air for radio listeners and tweets video of Bourbon Street flashers.

That being said, why would he admit to it on the TV? That's weird. He probably drank too much dog shampoo again.

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