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Ryan Tate is now a freestyle cage fighter…

12:09 PM EDT on August 20, 2018

Look who's making a comeback!

Over the weekend, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with numerous reports that Ryan Tate – the guy who should be hired as the poster boy for karma – will be competing inside the octagon at a big freestyle cage fighting brouhaha in Broken Arrow.

Here's an Instagram post that his model wife shared about the match:

Ryan has done some pretty awful things to writers, employees and the Philippines over the years. But you know what, kudos to him for finding a career that's more up his alley! I'm sure the judge in his big embezzlement case will look fondly at that career choice.

Based on his 0-0 record, this appears to be Ryan's professional cage fighting debut. We performed a quick Facebook search and this appears to be his opponent:

Yeah, that's real. The kid's name is Alec Godfrey. He apparently graduated from the Aaron Tuttle School of Douche Selfies:

I doubt Alec knows it, but thousands of people across the globe are pulling for him to win this weekend. No pressure there, right? My only advice is that he watch out for any cheap tricks. Ryan may try to pray with him and then lunge for his leg.

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