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Oklahoma man offers to buy woman’s feet on Facebook…


Being a millennial, you can pretty much bet that I have at most $4 in my bank account on any given day. That’s why the Facebook Marketplace is my jam. It’s not only a great place to find deals on rainbow stained couches, crock pots without the pots, and bundt cakes. It’s also a great place to make a few bucks selling the items you don’t need any more. Like feet, for example.



A woman selling shoes on Facebook is flipping out over flip flops after a conversation with a potential buyer turned creepy.

"I'm still feeling weird about it," victim Magean Wolf said.

Wolf said she's selling a number of personal items, including a pair of flip flops, on Facebook Marketplace.

"This was my first interaction with a male, and it didn't go well," she said.

Honestly, is there even such thing as a Facebook Marketplace interaction that goes well? How can you expect good customer service from a site that’s known for “1 Like=1 Prayer” pages and helping you keep tabs on how racist the people you went to high school with are?

How weird did this guy get, anyway?

Wolf said a man contacted her and started asking questions about the footwear. The man then asked for pictures of her wearing the flip flops, Wolf said.

"He's like, 'Um. Can I ... Can I buy your feet?' I'm like, 'Excuse me?'" Wolf said, describing the online interaction.

Wolf said the man messaged her repeatedly for 20 minutes. He even offered to buy her feet for $30.

Now that is creepy, if not flat-out harassment. As a female on the internet, I can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s sometimes hard to be a female on the internet. Hell, this woman couldn’t even get a pair of beige Old Navy flip-flops out of her closet without some guy thinking she owes him spank bank material. Come on. If men online want to use the hashtag #NotAllMen, they need to start proving its true.

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