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Color Me Badd’s Bryan Abrams drunkenly attacks bandmate at concert…

10:39 AM EDT on July 24, 2018

Well, I guess it's time for our biennial trip down the Color Me Badd nostalgia hole.

Earlier this week, OKC's own Bryan Abrams – the former Color Me Badd mouth-breather turned Hibdon Tire Changer turned Chaz Bono impersonator turned serial defense attorney client who makes the news every couple of years because he's an alcoholic screw up with anger management issues – recently "assaulted' his bandmate Mark Calderon at a tribal casino in up-state New York following a performance of I Want To Sex You Up.

Here's video:

Yikes. That's sadder than calling into the KJ-103 with the wrong Hot 8 at Eight! It looks like the only thing Bryan Abrams wants to "sex up" anymore is a gallon of sweet tea and some Mexi-Dips and Chips! Zing!

Surprisingly, the incident has little to do with who ate the last slice of pizza backstage, and everything to do with years of pent up anger, resentment and hostility towards the world being uncorked by Sailor Jerry.

Here are the details via something called the The Blast:

Color Me Badd star Mark Calderon says his bandmate was heavily intoxicated before he rushed out on stage and shoved him to the ground in front of a live audience.

The Blast spoke with the R&B legend the morning after Bryan Abrams was arrested for assault at the Del Lago Casino in New York.

Calderon says Abrams was already heavily intoxicated backstage before the show even started, and noticed that during the first song, “All For Love,” that he was missing words and slurred through most of the song.

For the millennials, here's the video for All For Love. It's a catchy little pop song, and was the group's last big Top 40 hit before falling off the face of the earth and landing at a casino in upstate New York.

He says when the second song started, Abrams had left the stage and did not return for the rest of the concert, leaving Calderon to be a professional and perform the show by himself.

We’re told that when Abrams came back onstage and shoved Calderon to the ground, he allegedly screamed, “I’m motherf*cking Color Me Badd!”

Bryan does have a point. He is Color Me Badd, especially after he got drunk a couple of years ago and ate the guy who looked like Kenny G.

Anyway, I guess I better wrap this post up like a washed up 1990s pop star's music career. I got sucked into an early 1990s KJ-103 wormhole. Stop working and enjoy the classics below...

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