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Armed Robber “Asian Persuasion” caught by OKCPD!


Growing up, my parents prayed my sister and I would never get tattoos. Back in the day, tattoos seemed to be synonymous with living a life of crime. Now it seems like everyone has a barbed wire cross spanning across their chest or at least one ex’s name on at least one thigh. Oh, how times have changed!

Though my generation doesn’t really have to worry about being declined for a job because of the Donald Duck-esque portrait of their firstborn child inked on their forearm, there are still some tattoos that could give people the wrong impression of your character. Or, in the case of Geiselle Stevenson who is pictured above, the right impression.

Via FOX 25…

 A woman wanted for her role in a robbery at a metro hotel has been taken into custody.

Oklahoma County Jail records show that Geiselle Stevenson, also known as "Asian Persuasion", was arrested June 18 on a warrant for robbery with a firearm.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that on June 4 a man told officers he had picked up a woman named “Asian Persuasion” form 10 West Apartments, 7642 NW 10, and took her back to his hotel at 2200 S. Meridian.

When entering his room with the woman, two men came up behind him into the hotel room at gunpoint, while the man was held at gunpoint, the other suspects began stealing items from the room. The suspects stole tennis shoes, a gold necklace, and various clothes from the victim.

Asian Persuasion, huh? The only thing Geiselle has persuaded me to do is get references for my next tattoo artist. Living a life of crime when you have a such a distinguished facial marker seems like a bad idea. I mean, you’ve already paid for 3-4 hours of half-assed tattoo artistry. That means you can probably at least spare $2.99 on a ski mask. What crime did she commit, anyway?

In all, police say four people were involved in the armed robbery. Dennicco Henderson, 25, was arrested June 12 in connection to the case on a complaint of robbery with a firearm. Surveillance video shows a man and woman that police would still like to identify in connection to the crime.

Word on the street is that the other two suspects go by Sallisaw Seduction and Cleveland County Cajolery.

Hayley goes by Squirrelly Geek. Follow Squirrelly Geek on twitter @squirrellygeek

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