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Maybe it’s time for KFOR to hire a background TV screener…

One thing that's never made any sense to me is why so many TV news sets have televisions playing in the background behind the news anchors. What's the point? Are TV news people so ADD that they need to watch TV while being on TV? Do TV news sets double as sports bars on the weekend? Does Kevin Ogle have an overtime button?

I ask this question for a couple of reasons.

1. It's always kind of bothered me.

2. As an observant redditor noticed, KFOR was showing some strange stuff on one of its little TVs during the start of last night's 6:00pm news. Pay attention to the screen behind Joleen Chaney's head:

I guess you can say whatever was on the screen got itself a Little Bit of Jo Jo.

So, what exactly was that? Some Reddit user claimed it was a clip from Impractical Jokers. I guess that would make more sense, but it probably opens up more questions than it answers. Like why is KFOR playing stupid reality comedy shows in the background of its news set? Maybe it's about time they hire a screener.

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