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OKC April Fools’ Prankster Takes Things Too Far

7:57 AM EDT on April 2, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving to my parents' house for Easter Dinner. While soaring through the intersection of NW 63rd and Expressway, I noticed an "In-N-Out Burger Coming Soon" banner displayed in front of some construction.

I wasn't the only one. WILD 104.9, which is still apparently a radio station in Oklahoma City, posted this photo on Facebook. It was shared a few gazillion times:

When I saw the sign, my first reaction was "We're getting an In-N-Out Burger. Finally! Although the food is a bit overrated, I'm getting tired of having to correct the In-N-Out Burger coming to OKC fake news headlines that spread on social media!"

My second thought was "Wait. I think I would have heard about this."

My third thought was "Oh, it's April's 1st. Hardee-har."

The prank got the attention of the local media. KFOR Channel 4 and KOCO Channel 5 both filed vague, please-click-this-link reports that suggested that it was a likely April Fools' Day joke. They didn't mention that it was an unoriginal April Fools' Day joke.

Check this out:

That's a pic of an April Fools' Day prank pulled last year in the Atlanta area. If you're going to stir the hopes and dreams of Oklahoma City residents for a brief second, at least be original about it. Otherwise, you're taking things too far.

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