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Ogle Madness XI: Elite 8: (5) Steven Adams vs (11) Hillbilly Rednecks

We call it Ogle Madness for a reason. Just check out today's Elite 8 matchup from the West. One of these two will soon be able to put Ogle Madness Regional Champ on their resume or rap sheet.

(5) Steven Adams vs (11) Hillbilly Rednecks

The Big Kiwi managed to defeated number 1 seed and former Ogle Madness champ Emily Sutton in a stunning upset. And against all odds, the Hillbilly Rednecks are still in this thing. We know they can kick ass, but do they have what it takes to beat our favorite 7-foot caveman?


(5) Steven Adams

Last Round: Defeated (1) Emily Sutton 284-171

Who: Starting center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Charming wit, also his biceps

Biggest Weakness: Low-key plays dirty sometimes

(11) Hillbilly Rednecks

Second Round: Defeated (3) Trae Young 215-198

Who: Backwoods, gun-toting rednecks you don’t want to mess with

Biggest Strength: Belly Tattoos

Biggest Weakness: Math and reading

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