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Ogle Madness XI: West Region, Second Round

4:58 PM EDT on March 19, 2018

Now it's time to decide on who from the West Region escapes into the semi-finals. We saw a few upsets here, plus a couple of very close races, some decided by less than 50 votes. Here's the breakdown:

(1) Emily Sutton vs (8) Damon Lane
(5) Steven Adams vs (13) New Streetcar
(3) Trae Young vs (11) Hillbilly Rednecks
(2) Darci Lynne Farmer vs (7) Bricktown Hot Dog Stand 

(1) Emily Sutton

Round One: Defeated (16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude 346-138

Who: Severe Weather Princess

Biggest Strength: Filling the Gary England-size hole in our hearts

Biggest Weakness: Large athleisure wardrobe

(8) Damon Lane

Round One: Defeated (9) David Payne 294-188

Who: KOCO Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Leads the crusade against fake hail pics

Biggest Weakness: Accidently tweeting out dicks


(5) Steven Adams

Round One: Defeated (12) Oklahoma Sheriffs Association 447-39

Who: Starting center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Charming wit, also his biceps

Biggest Weakness: Low-key plays dirty sometimes


(13) New Streetcar

Round One: Defeated (4) Gwen Stefani 250-235

Who: Upcoming public transit for OKC

Biggest Strength: Could help alleviate downtown traffic & parking issues

Biggest Weakness: Has caused all of downtown to be torn up for months


(3) Trae Young

Round One: Defeated (14) Step Up Oklahoma 349-104

Who: Point guard for the OU men’s basketball team

Biggest Strength: Making killer Youtube highlights videos

Biggest Weakness: The rest of his team stinks


(11) Hillbilly Rednecks

Round One: Defeated (6) Ogle Brothers 251-242

Who: Backwoods, gun-toting rednecks you don’t want to mess with

Biggest Strength: Belly Tattoos

Biggest Weakness: Math and reading


(2) Darci Lynne Farmer

Round One: Defeated (15) Chicken Slaughterhouse Slave Labor Camps 304-148

Who: Young ventriloquist featured on America’s Got Talent

Biggest Strength: Making “B” and “D” sounds without moving her mouth

Biggest Weakness: Nobody has liked ventriloquism since like the 1940’s


(7) Bricktown Hot Dog Stand

Round One: Defeated (10) Pioneer Woman 310-147

Who: Tubed meat purveyor in downtown OKC

Biggest Strength: Irritating the sensitivity police 

Biggest Weakness: T-shirt designs

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