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Moore rapper Barbie Doll has some more music videos…

12:06 PM EST on November 29, 2017

The last time we checked on Moore rapper and self-made millionaire Barbie Doll, she was engulfed in a vicious suburban rap war with Midwest City rapper Phantom Classic and her daughter E-coli. Remember them?

Since then, not a lot has changed in Barbie's world. She's dropped more music videos, and has even been nominated for "Best Female Artist" by something called Line Up OKC. I would suggest you go vote for her, but the voting ended over the weekend.

Anyway, because I'm lazy and looking for some strong end of the month page views, I thought it would be fun to share some of Barbie's new music videos. The first video is called Bhad Bhabie. It pays tribute to Barbie's apparent and fitting mentor – the Cash Me Ousside girl from Dr. Phil.

Check it out:

That's cool. I just hope the next time Barbie samples a viral meme catchphrase she keeps it local and goes with "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That."

The next video is called "Takeoff." The title was inspired by what most people do if Barbie asks if they'd like to hear her rap. It features a bunch of stock video footage of OKC that you'll probably see in the next Chamber of Commerce promotional video:

I think my favorite lyric was something like "Texas Roadhouse is the only beef I eat." Spoken like a true Moore girl!

The final video is called "Fake Friends." It's the classic rap ballad about your best friend trying to hook up with your trailer park boyfriend. I think the guy in the video is either a Thunder stormchaser or one of Knuckle's backup dancers:

The Internet sure is great. 20 years ago, Barbie Doll and her friends would have to go on Jerry Springer to get this much attention about their love triangles. Now they get to make their own music videos!

Anyway, I'd like to thank Barbie Doll for all the entertainment and cheap pageviews over the year. Keep it up.

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