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Tom Coburn encourages lawmakers to let Oklahoma fail…

I disagree with our former US Senator Dr. Tom Coburn on just about everything, but you have to respect the man for being consistent on issues, and standing by his cruel, flawed, ideological principles and viewpoints even when they're bad for citizens.

According to The Oklahoman, Dr. Coburn penned a letter to Mary Fallin and other legislative leaders this week encouraging them to not raise revenue to fund our failing government. I guess it's part of his plan to make sure that Oklahoma cements its status as our nation's number one dystopian red dirt shithole.


As the governor and state legislators consider tax increases to fill a $215 million budget hole, some of Oklahoma's best-known Republicans urged them Tuesday not to do it.

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn joined former Gov. Frank Keating and former Secretary of State Larry Parman in penning a letter that landed on the desks of Gov. Mary Fallin, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb and lawmakers.

The trio of conservatives quoted from Ronald Reagan in warning that “Government is the problem” and “the problem is that government spends too much,” words they say apply directly to Oklahoma in 2017.

That's nice! "Government is the problem and spends too much money," said the man who increased the size of government and spent too much money. Can't Dr. Tom find a better way to support his indefensible argument than by quoting a hypocrite like Reagan? That's such a Republican cliche! What's next? Blaming the current Oklahoma budget crisis on Obama?

“Each session, the discussion has focused on cries for more revenue, money to be taken from Oklahomans by their government,” they wrote. “The reality, though, is that Oklahomans are hurting — due in large part to the significant price declines in oil and to the failures of the Obama administration's economic policies and regulations.”

I guess we should have seen it coming.

I actually do agree with Coburn on one thing – yes, the decline in oil prices has a lot to do with our revenue problem. But guess what? Newsflash! Oil and gas is cyclical boom and bust industry! So when times are good, maybe we should exercise caution, and instead of handing out irresponsible tax cuts to our wealthiest citizens and oil companies, save for when things go bad.

Eh. Nevermind that logical argument. It doesn't fit a flawed ideological viewpoint.

Coburn, Keating and Parman urged Republicans to reconsider their opposition to cuts and to shrink state government rather than tax further.

“Sound and fiscally conservative policy must always consider reforms and prioritizing spending,” they wrote. “The people of Oklahoma have spoken clearly in favor of this approach.”

Yeah, that's right. The people of Oklahoma –  especially the poor who don't want healthcare, elementary school students dreaming of three-day school weeks, and people forced to work at chicken slaughterhouses – are clearly in favor of shrinking our government even farther. If that's the case, then why are Oklahoma Democrats winning all these special elections?

In a series of special elections this year, voters have elected Democrats to the Legislature in what were previously Republican-held districts. Those results are seen by Democrats as indications that voters want revenue increases, not further budget cuts.

Coburn, Keating and Parman argued the Republican losses are instead evidence that “when policymakers break promises” and have “moral failings,” their political allies lose elections.

“During this special session, those who claim the principles and label of Ronald Reagan must act on their promises,” they wrote. “Those principles reject all tax increases and efforts to generate more revenue during times like these.”

Wow. Two Reagen references in the same letter! The person at the OCPA who probably had to ghostwrite this letter for Coburn is great at bullshit.

Anyway, as we told you earlier this week, The Oklahoman recently published an editorial blaming Oklahoma Democrats for the state's problems. This quote stands out:

"Those who sabotage the engine of government should not be rewarded with keys to the car."

Great point! I can't wait to read the editorial in this week's paper asking for Tom Coburn's car keys. We don't want him doing more damage to this state.

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