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Bob Stoops is enjoying retirement…

10:53 AM EDT on August 9, 2017

When Bob Stoops unexpectedly stepped down as the OU head football coach a few months ago, a wide range of rumors that were probably started by bitter OSU fans began to circulate around the Ogle Mole Network. They ranged from the morbid (He only has a few years to live) to the sultry (He became friends with 20-something coed and is now trying to rectify his marriage) to the bizarre (He wants to pursue a career as a late night comedian or talk show host).

Well, thanks to this Instagram photo that D.L. Hughley posted last night, I guess we know which rumor is true:

In case my dad is currently reading this, I should probably explain that the people in the photo with Bob are famous comedians Arsenio Hall, George Lopez and D.L. Hughley. You may remember Arsenio from the movie "Coming to America." He was Eddie Murphy's best friend. Thanks for reading, dad!

Anyway, it's really good to see Bob Stoops is enjoying retirement and already making connections for his comedy career. I can't wait to watch his one man sports comedy show – "Definitely in a Great Way" – on Netflix this fall.

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