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Charlie Samples wants to set the record straight…

2:09 PM EDT on July 10, 2017

Back in May, we told you about Charlie Samples. He's the former state trooper seeking the Republican nomination for Oklahoma House District 46. He made the news went it was revealed he received a blow job from a stripper 20-something years ago at a bachelor party in a hotel room with other state troopers.

With the special election taking place tomorrow, his detractors are now shockingly using this embarrassing / high-five worthy moment from his past against him.

Via News 9:

Former OHP Trooper Charlie Samples is running for an Oklahoma House seat in Norman on the platform of having a clean record in law enforcement.

But his involvement in a 20-year-old scandal involving alcohol and sex for money is resurfacing.

That investigation was seemingly forgotten, but after a group sent out a mail letter about it his campaign is responding.

Seemingly forgotten? I think the only person who forget about the incident was Charlie Samples. How else could he not know this would become a campaign issue? If anything, he probably figured that getting a hummer from a stripper at a bachelor party would give him extra publicity and increase his chances of getting elected.

"Hi sir, I'm Charlie Samples and I'm running for state house. Just like you, I'm for small government, lower taxes, and blow jobs at bachelor parties."

"You have my vote!"

In case you forget the details of the scandal, Grant Hermes spelled it all out in Channel 9's newest 10pm feature – News 9 After Dark:

According to the documents, Samples and a group of troopers were at a bachelor party. Once there they were greeted with a pair of women who later began beckoning to give sexual favors on the second floor. Three troopers, including Samples received oral sex from the women and later watched the two together. The women were paid for their services.

Not to sound all prude or anything, but isn't that a bit lurid for the News 9 10pm broadcast? I bet that's why David Payne held a notebook in front of his crotch during Thursday night's weather forecast.

Even though Samples admitted in a deposition that he received the sexual favors, he's now trying to "set the record straight." Check out this robocall his wife send to voters:

Look at that?! Something tells me a certain married couple may have just watched the Roger Stone documentary on Netflix! "Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack." In all honesty, they are good words for any politician to live by.

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