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Mary Fallin wore this to meet the President…

Earlier this week, Mary Fallin went to Washington to meet President Trump to discuss workforce apprenticeship programs. I guess Mary got confused and thought it was going to be on The Apprentice, because she wore an outfit that only an attention-starved reality show contestant would dare wear:

Yikes! What the Hell? She looks like an African leopard being drowned in an oil spill. I'm sure the Trump boys really loved that!

I wonder what The Donald thought about it? He probably chuckled and rolled his eyes. I have a feeling that Trump looks at Mary Fallin the same way that Clark Griswold does Cousin Eddie.

I guess the natural question is where did Mary find that outfit? Did she walk into Steinmart and say "give me the suit nobody will buy," or did she snag it at the Gordman's "Going Out of Business" sale. It has to be one of the two.

Actually, I found the jacket online. Check it out:

Well, they look similar to me.

Anyway, I tossed the pic on Twitter yesterday to get some captions. Here's a sampling. If you have one, leave it in the comments.


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