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State Trooper turned aspiring lawmaker knows how to sex party…

The guy pictured above is Charlie Samples. He's a former Oklahoma State Trooper seeking the Republican nomination for Oklahoma House District 46.

I don't know where Charlie stands on important issues like the state budget crisis, teacher pay, and responsible taxation of the energy industry, but thanks to this Nolan Clay article in The Oklahoman, we know he'll fit right in with other lawmakers.

In 1993, Charlie was one of several highway patrolmen busted for receiving blow jobs in a Tulsa motel room during a rambunctious bachelor party.

Via The Oklahoman:

A state House candidate running on his law enforcement experience came under investigation while a trooper for participating in what one top official called a "sex party."

Charlie Samples, R-Norman, told The Oklahoman last week he eventually was exonerated of any wrongdoing.

"I did not violate any law or OHP policy or procedure," Samples said.

Samples acknowledged in a statement to The Oklahoman last week that he initially faced disciplinary action for attending a bachelor party in Tulsa with other off-duty troopers in 1993...

During the appeals process, he admitted in testimony in 1998 that he went with other off-duty troopers to two Tulsa strip clubs as part of the bachelor party.

He admitted that they then went to a two-story suite at the Residence Inn in Tulsa. He admitted in the suite were two women dressed loosely or in lingerie.

Samples, a graduate of the patrol's 42nd academy, admitted that he said "the 42nd is going to go first." He admitted that he then went upstairs "of my own accord" and that there he accepted a sexual favor from one of the women.

That's funny. I hope he doesn't expect "The 46th to go first" at any Oklahoma Capitol sex parties. I heard lawmakers base that on seniority!

He testified she did not ask for any money for the oral sex act and he did not offer to pay her. "Just another night out on the town, I guess," he testified, according to a transcript of the 1998 hearing.

He also admitted during his 1998 testimony that he watched what became known as "the finale" — the two women together. "They were kissing and fondling on each other and kind of fooling around a little bit," he testified.

He indicated in that testimony that he did not think the women were prostitutes.

Yeah, who would think they were prostitutes? I mean, who hasn't gone up to a hotel room and found two girls in loose-fitting lingerie looking to perform oral sex because they're bored and feeling ornery. It's "just another night on the town," especially if you're a member of law enforcement who uses his or her power of authority to fly above the law.

Knowing Charlie's past history with strippers and prostitutes, you probably shouldn't be surprised that he's already received an endorsement by one of Oklahoma's greatest party animals...

Yep, Barry Switzer has known Charlie for over 20 years. I wonder which underground sex event they met at? I bet it was the Sugers Christmas party.

Anyway, you can read the rest of the story about Charlie here. For a fun 1990s Tulsa World article about the sex party, click here.

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