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Mary Fallin attempted to celebrate “International Women’s Day”

Even though her political party is about as anti-woman as you can get, Mary Fallin decided to play along yesterday and celebrate International Women's Day. She did so be providing the following staged photo that I think was supposed to represent leadership and hard work...

Yikes. She's working on the Obamacare repeal? No wonder the new GOP plan sucks! I kind of feel weird giving the party advice, but I'd suggest they should start Mary Fallin on some intern level busy work instead. You know, keep-her-out-of-the-way of things. Maybe send her down to Texas to start working on that wall. That will keep her busy.

For the most part, that's a pretty standard political pic. That basic caption is:

"Look at us working! We have papers and notebooks and Post-its and stuff. Go women!"

Speaking of Post-it notes, see the big yellow one on the blue folder of Mary's fancy Trapper Keeper? An Ogle Mole suggested we zoom in to see what it says. We did. Check it out:

Yep, that's real. Kind of interesting, isn't it?

First of all, notice how Larry Nichols has a check mark by his name? I assume that means Mary touched base with him. That's kind of fitting. It's good to know that Mary Fallin kicked off International Women's Day by speaking with the man who pulls her strings.

The other items on the notepad are "Dr. Clark" and... uhhh... is that  "Watch Dramamine?" It would make sense. She travels all the time as governor, so she probably does have to worry about motion sickness. Also, it's comforting to know that before her big meeting repealing Obamacare, she called Larry Nichols instead of Dr. Clark. I bet she missed that plastic surgery appointment.

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