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Emily Sutton found a koala…

10:33 AM EST on February 24, 2017

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of burned out on Oklahoma politics at the moment. Every article feels the same – Crazy Politician Introduces Crazy Bill That Makes Non-Crazy People To Want To Leave The State.

Instead of venturing into that dark, depressing wormhole, let's start Friday on a positive note and look at Emily Sutton rescuing a koala instead...

Isn't that sweet? I guess this explains why Lacey Swope posted a pic of a platypus with an arrow through its heart on Facebook yesterday.

Seriously, though, doesn't that make you feel good? It's even better when you have one of Scott Hines' warm no-bake cookies in your mouth. He brings them every Friday.

Anyway, every time Emily Sutton goes on vacation she always brings back some exotic animal to live in the backyard of her she-shed here at the KFOR campus. I'll bet two Pay It 4words that what's going on here. That koala will get along great with Parker the Panda and Manny the Manatee.

Then again, she could also bring back a baby kangaroo....

Koala? Kangaroo? I guess we won't know officially until Bob Moore Chopper Four brings them all back to Oklahoma safely. They let her use the chopper during slow weather months.

Yes, in case it's not obvious, Emily Sutton is on vacation in Australia. Based on her Instagram page, she's been enjoying herself. Here's a photo of her swimming the wrong way in a lap pool:

Haha! You thought there would be more skin, didn't you? Well, that's what you get for being a pervert.

Here's a pic of her doing that weird jumping pose that girls and men who pee sitting down sometimes do...

Isn't Emily Sutton a bolt of bubbly sunshine on a cloudy day? She makes me feel all warm and happy like a July or February afternoon. I feel so good now I think I may go write about politics. In case you haven't heard, some crazy politician introduced a crazy bill that makes non-crazy people want to leave the state.

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