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10 Dumbest Pics from the 2017 OKC Addy Awards

9:55 AM EST on February 23, 2017

In case you didn't know, the Oklahoma City Ad Club held its annual Addy Awards this past Saturday in Bricktown. It's the local ad industry's big awards show – a glitzy, Warby Parker-sponsored affair where the metro's brightest, creative, and most pretentious minds who secretly despise each other gather to kiss ass, feel important and look pretty.

For this year's event, organizer's invited the SNL Photo Booth – a local photography business that I assumed is owned and operated by Lorne Michaels – to document everything. They ended up taking about 2.5 million photos of drunken agency employees living life in the fastline of our trophy culture and posted them on Facebook. Since I don't feel like our local advertising industry gets enough TLO love and attention these days, I thought it would be fun to highlight the 10 dumbest photos from the event and make fun of them with the help of Spencer Hicks.

And yes, I acknowledge that poking fun of the local advertising seem like a bad idea for any fledgling publication, but I'm not worried about it. For one, ad agencies don't book anything with us. They'd rather spend ad dollars on expensive glitzy, Addy-caliber mediums like newspapers, television and Thunder games. Also, it gives us a good opportunity to promote our award-winning media kit to all the agency folks who are going to read this post.

With that out-of-the-way, here are the 10 dumbest photos from the SNL photo booth at the 2017 OKC Addy Awards:

Hey look! It's discount brand Jon Snow and pre-diabetes Wilford Brimley!

Actually, these guys are representatives of the local boutique ad agency Try and Too Hard. You can find them speaking in English accents at any local haberdashery.


If their goal is to look like a Mormon rock band, I agree 100%. They are totally slayin. They should also be fired for their use of white space and font choice.

In all serious, congratulations to the lead singer of Live on his first ADDY Award. His agency's name is Throwing Copper.


"Look, it's your agency's glass ceiling!"

Hehe. That's a joke. Don't be offended. They're actually looking at Renzi Stone enter the room.


Pretty sure everyone in the photo is dating the right person. Also, what's up with Bob Sombrero over there? He looks like he just found the keys to Big Truck tacos.


Wow. The ADDYs even make their security guards dress like creative posers. That's commitment.


Holy shit. They brought their own flag to an awards show?! I bet they gave each other a high five and planted it on Mt. Douchebag afterwards.


I'm sure the after party with this trio was fun. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.


As the great Rodney Dangerfield would say, "Give that man a bowl of free soup!"

Also, that's not gold. It's paper. Writing words on a thing doesn't change the thing. SCIENCE!


This Vampire Weekend cover band played music during the pre-party reception. They're called the Oxford Commas.


Did we say 10 pics? We lied! Advertising!

Hey! It's Oklahoma City's own Adam Savage from the hit show MythBusters. He was ...

Actually, that's our good pal Casey Cornett. We've known each other ever since I tackled him in a flag football game 10 years ago. True story. I always felt guilty about that, but after seeing this travesty of a photo, I guess you can say he deserved it.


Well, I guess we know who got stoned in the parking lot before the show. Either that or they're trying to hide from their student loans.


I agree with the cat.


Kudos to these people for letting their 1950s limo driver into the venue! Seriously, what's up with the dude in the Hooligan hat? Friends don't let friends wear hats like that... which means he must be everyone's boss.


I think these guys got lost while looking for Bricktown Brewery.


"What glass ceiling?"

Hehe. That's a joke. Don't be offended.

Normally we'd make fun of this pack of wild, untamed brahs, but it's actually kind refreshing to see dudes not wearing thick rimmed glasses or silly hats. They'll have long, productive careers in radio sales.


Anyway, you can view all the Addy Award photos on the SNL Photo Booth Facebook page. Even though I didn't ask for permission or tell anyone I was doing this, I'd like to thank the advertising industry for letting us poke a little fun. Even they'll admit they deserve it. Now buy some ads and make us rich!

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