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NYE in the Big Town: Opening Night, Bricktown, Flashback Retropub and The Pump

By Adam

10:28 AM EST on December 30, 2016

Welcome to the end of the year. 2016 has felt like waiting two and a half hours in line in the hot sun for a thrill ride. I only hope that ride is Six Flag's Texas Giant and not a weirdo armed a water hose attached to the Bricktown Canal who hates my face. Truthfully, I have no clue which is coming.

But before 2017 arrives at our door, we have some celebrating to do. Below are three events that are extremely likely to be more fun than what I will be doing for the New Year. "Adam's End of 2016 Chihuahua Bash" will include my wife and I and our two dogs. Why only our dogs? Because they hate other dogs, and most people for that matter, and I can't deal with any doggy disputes.

Here's your New Year's Eve in the Big Town....



Opening Night 2017

Sat - 7pm, Downtown OKC, $8-10

If tomorrow evening is Opening Night, doesn't that make tonight "Closing Night." Very little love is ever thrown Closing Night's way, and I'm not here to add any.

Art Council OKC's biggest bash begins at 7 p.m. in Downtown OKC tomorrow night. The celebration includes 10 musical performances strewn across the area plus improv comedy, magic and clowns. Does your friend's lame party have magic? No, that's because it's lame....and your friends are lame. Sorry, someone had to tell you and I was hoping it was me.

Musical styles ranging from singer-songwriters, latin, jazz, and for the first time rap and hip-hop will be represented at Opening Night. Don't forget fireworks and a children's craft area. Screw your friends and their wine coolers.




The Land of Bricks is OKC's original party spot. Well, it least it is for people born after 1975.

If you're looking to have an extra-fun time, or just something to do after the Thunder game, hit up Pink Parrot, Circus or Lucha Loco to dance, fireball and Red Bull and vodka away 2016 in style. They'll likely have DJs, attractive people and, if you're lucky, you may see Patrick passed out at the bar.



Party Like It's 1999

Sat - 8pm, Flashback Retropub - 814 W Sheridan Ste A, $10

If you preferred NYE celebrations in the era before smartphones, "American Idol" and when Donald Trump was only a billionaire, head over to Flashback Retropub, the bar where Octomom never happened. The institution loves the 80s and early 90s, and has the arcade machines to prove it.

The theme for the pub's New Year's party is "Party Like It's 1999!" When reading that statement, think more along Prince's hit song rather than the year, though no one's stopping you from dressing like a survivalist with a bug-out bag who won't stop blabbering about Y2K. There's a link for those to young to understand.

Feel free to dress up, or not, for the evening that will include a countdown, balloon drop and champagne toast. Also, DJ Sirok spins ’80s and ’90s hits and requests from 9 p.m.-1:30 a.m.



Blast Off to 2017

Sat - 9pm, The Pump Bar - 2425 N Walker Ave, Free

Service stations usually aren't the hub of New Year's celebrations. Technically, The Pump Bar is no longer a service station, but if you have dreams of partying up a retro-future gas station refitted with space memorabilia, it's pretty close.

"Blast Off to 2017" will be rocking not only inside the bar, but also in a heated tent over the patio area. The night will include a countdown, champagne toast and vynil DJs Carte Blanche providing music till 2 a.m. One thing it will not include is a cover charge, nor will any other Uptown 23rd District bars. Can't beat that.

Have fun.

Adam is a musician and freelance journalist. He's never thrown a curveball.

Send all events, compliments and complaints to @ArkansasFresh.

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